laura - owner & photographer

I opened Little Nest portraits for one main reason: as a mother of three beautiful children, I could see there was a missing link in the portrait world of offering beautiful modern portraiture and an incredible experience at a reasonable cost.

I started working professionally as a photographer in 1998, after finishing up college and following my heart to Denver. Classically trained in the art of photography, I was lucky enough to collect a handful of awards along the way, get published in some noteworthy magazines, and work with some incredibly talented people. On this journey I learned about the importance of quality, style, and hand-crafted artisan products. And that's what Little Nest is about.

I'm a photographer for the love of life and art, for the love of my own children, and because all families deserve stunning portraits.


jamie - queen concierge & photographer

If you're a guest of ours, then you've worked with Jamie. She is our queen concierge to every person that comes through the studio. She is also a beautifully talented photographer, incredible designer and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.


paige, lead photographer & do-it-all'er

Paige is our Lead Photographer, taking on anything and everything to make sure our images wow the client. From painting the studio walls for a new look to editing images to ensure a timely delivery, she is dedicated to making sure our guests have a great experience AND amazing imagery. Her work graces the walls and website of Little Nest.