If you are in need of a new headshot for any reason, contact us at Little Nest Portraits for a professional headshot photographer in Denver, CO.

Your brand, your message.

When it comes to defining your brand, customer relationship and the style of your business, the perfect headshot is like icing on the cake. You need a trusted source who can guide, pose and style you in a way that supports the overall brand of your business. Whether you need to convey advisory abilities, trust, knowledge, or success, your photographer needs to know the right angles and lighting to support your goals.

Your headshot says a lot about you without any words, and you need a good one to make a great, lasting first impression. A headshot may just be a simple picture of yourself, but this picture really tells a story of who you are. Whether you want new customers, you’re meeting new clients, or you want a new job, a good headshot is the perfect way to get your foot (or head) in the door.

Trust a headshot photographer from Little Nest Portraits in Denver, CO, to give you the perfect picture.

Our Headshot Photography Studio

Everything from lighting to angle can communicate a message with your headshot, so don’t settle for a quick snapshot taken in your kitchen. Come to us for a professionally done headshot that will set you apart. We’re confident we can give you a picture that satisfies you.

Little Nest Portraits is here to help you document every step of your life’s journey. With our three professional photographers and over 15 years of experience, we’re confident that we can give you the best picture you need, including a perfect, professional headshot. Look below to see more information.

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How much are your headshot sessions?

You can book a headshot as a 30 minute sessionette for $50. This includes a studio session with one outfit which will photograph on multiple backgrounds. Additional outfit changes are available for $50. We highly recommend at least two outfits to get the most out of your session. Digital images are sold separately. All digital images are high resolution ready for print and social use.

Single digital $95

Set of 2 $185

Set of 3 $255

Set of 5 $395

What locations can I use for headshots?

Anywhere that best suits your brand.

Our studio is perfect for a classic yet casual headshot. We can use a white, light grey or black backdrop as well as multiple pieces of furniture to create the right look for you. Right outside the studio is a contemporary, clean downtown feel. We also have access to multiple areas in the building. Environmental portraits are also a great way to support your brand. Whether using the wild outdoors, downtown or an office setting, we are equipped to bring the studio to you.


Our sessionettes are quick and painless, however we also do a Headshot Happy Hour every few months. Contact the studio to learn more.


The best way to support a brand is ensuring that everyone on your team has the same style of headshot, rather than an unprofessional mish-mash of images. You can book individual headshots, block off a corner of time in the studio for everyone to attend at the same time, or hire us to come to you. On location team headshots are $600 for a maximum of 6 people and include one digital image per person.