Holiday Sessions

Little Nest Portraits specializes in newborn photography as well as children and families.

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beautiful holiday sets and lots of inspiration for the perfect portrait.

We have collected an array of holiday goodies to include in any portrait for a subtle holiday flare. A few items on hand will be ornaments, lanterns with twinkling lights, blankets & pillows, our child-size Charlie Brown tree, a few small holiday wreaths, and cranberry stems. We use these small items minimally and only one at a time, ensuring your children and family are the star of every image.


Chasing Dreamers

We're Chasing Dreamers in their favorite jammies, with soft touches of pillows, blankets and lanterns against our hand-crafted concrete wall. Bring along a favorite blanket, pillow or ornament to personalize your session. We recommend soft colors of oatmeal, grey, and white. Pops of cranberry and holiday green would be a beautiful added touch of color. Pajamas are highly recommended for the kids. All images are photographed barefoot. We can finish with a classic family portrait on stools, our hand-crafted concrete wall as the backdrop.


Charlie Brown

Inspired by Charlie Brown's Christmas, your kids will enjoy placing ornaments on our child-sized Charlie Brown tree. Bring along a favorite stuffy, blanket, or special ornament to personalize your session. We will have a curated selection of beautiful ornaments as well. Parents can pop in to help kids adorn the tree. We will finish with a family portrait on a simple white backdrop. You can keep the styling casual, pajamas or dress up for trimming the tree. Anything goes for color in this simple set, but we do recommend Christmas red or neutral colors such as mixing oatmeal, grey, black and white.


Bespoke Holiday

With a mix of rich black and holiday greens, this Bespoke Holiday set is the perfect touch of elegance for your holiday card. With a black backdrop and antique black rug, the setting will be graced with a beautiful swag of holiday greenery. The greenery can be pulled away for a classic portrait. Great for the whole family or children over the age of 5 due to the height of the greenery. We recommend keeping in darker tones for this set. Image coming soon.


  • 30 minutes in the studio photographing your lovely family
  • Upgrade for extra time (just ask if you're not sure!)
  • Includes one complimentary digital image (perfect for your holiday card)
  • Wanting a simple look? no problem! we can still shoot our classic portraits all season
  • access to exclusive holiday packages
  • $125